The Film

Juxtaposition    |    Memoir    |    Altruism    |    Journey

More Than A Race follows the 100-kilometre journey of some of the world’s best ultra runners in the 2014 Vibram Hong Kong 100, the city’s original solo ultra marathon. The race unfolds along Hong Kong’s hidden trails, weaving around postcard images of towering skyscrapers, beyond the iconic skyline. The juxtaposition of concrete jungle against the natural beauty of the city’s unique outdoors is captured in this short film and embodied in this quintessential Hong Kong race.

More Than A Race offers insight into the strategies, challenges, triumphs and disappointments of an ultra marathon runner. As the athletes explore the outskirts of the city, we witness their inner journeys and discover the Hong Kong 100 is more than a race.


  1. Beautiful! Well done Lloyd. Steve and Janette deserve huge credit for building a great race in Hong Kong.

  2. A great movie showing the diversity and beauty of Hong Kong, its trails and the spirit of the ultra trail running community.

  3. A great epic coverage about Asia Ultra Trail race with fabulous and realistic moments, which may gives us a pleasure taste to every ultra race lovers. Historic work done by Lloyd Belchers & his team. Awesome supports & encouragement by Steve & Janette.

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